Death and the Fly was the third game announced to be released under the Discovery Label and is scheduled to be the fourth game released under the same label.

Unique 2D puzzle platform action. Players will control two very different characters, Death and the Fly. Each character has special skills that must be used to navigate the many traps and puzzles contained in each level. With many interesting ways to die and numerous opponents to face, the player will be challenged and entertained for hours.

  • Unique, grotesque design.
  • Unique graphics.
  • Unique music.
  • Two different characters to control, each with his own skills.
  • Traps and bonuses.
  • Side-scrolling 2d platform puzzle game.
  • In-game shop.
  • Power-up skills.
  • Many deaths.
  • Many flies.
  • Many different opponents.
  • Many hours of play.
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