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Fallout Online, commonly called FOOL or Project V13 was to be a MMOG that was in development by Masthead Studios and Interplay Entertainment. While work on the MMO started in 2006, Masthead Studios joined the project in 2009 when full fledged development took place. Following the lawsuit with ZeniMax Media, Interplay cancelled Fallout Online, however, they continue to work on the game as Project V13, with all Fallout aspects removed from the game.

History Edit

Micro Forté ProjectEdit

Originally Black Isle Studios was contacted to make Fallout Online. However, Feargus Urquhart refused the proposition. Micro Forté was then contacted to develop the game, but this project was cancelled soon after it started. Interplay then licensed the Fallout IP out to ZeniMax Media for three games. When Titus Software shut down, Interplay sold the IP to ZeniMax with the ability to create a MMOG based off of the franchise, if certain requirements were met by April 2009.

Masthead Studios ProjectEdit

Legal DisputeEdit

Work started in late 2006, however, true work started after Jason Anderson and Christopher Taylor joined the in-house development team for Interplay. While Anderson left Interplay, Taylor stayed. Interplay then entered a deal with Masthead Studios which made them the official developers of the game. In April, 2009, ZeniMax argued that Interplay had not met its requirements and sued Interplay.


While Interplay managed to win the Court of Appeals against Bethesda in 2011, the trial by court began on December 2011. The Trial by Court was set to replace Trial by Jury. In 2012 it was revealed that a settlement had been reached between the two companies. On January 9th, it was revealed that Interplay had sold their license to make a Fallout MMO to Bethesda as well as the rest of their rights to the Fallout franchise.

Team Edit

  • Chris Taylor - Lead Systems Designer
  • Mark O'Green - Designer
  • Serg Souleiman - Art Director
  • Jeff Clendenning - Lead Concept Artist
  • Natiq Aghayev - Freelance Concept Artist
  • Caleb Cleveland - Freelance Concept Artist
  • Jason D. Anderson - Creative Director (2007–2009)

About 90 people from Masthead Studios worked on the project.

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