Survival of the fittest has never been more true as, during the dawning of human civilisation, you command a tribe of cavemen warriors fighting for their very existence. Battle against ferocious dinosaurs, natural disasters and competing tribes to ensure that your own tribe earns the most food and finishes on top. Use your shaman to cast powerful magic and your inventor to create the state-of-the-art Stone Age weapons that will allow your cavemen to triumph against the odds. The very survival of humanity is in your hands!

Features Edit

First true RTS available on Nintendo DS, give orders while the battle rages

  • Intuitive touch interface gives you full control using as little as one finger
  • Build villages inhabited by more than 20 men
  • Fight dinosaurs using clubs, axes, spears, bombs and magic!
  • Make 4 different types of soldiers, each with different strengths and weaknesses